Who is ReSOCIAL?

Create. COnnect. Collaborate.

Welcome to ReSocial, where research meets social media. 

ReSocial is the brainchild of Anthony R. Ramirez. Anthony was inspired to create a public scholarship initiative after speaking to various scholars and professionals on his podcast, Academics and Amigos, and his work at Texas A&M University. Anthony believes in helping others, creating content, creating community, and sharing research with others outside of academia. This is where ReSocial begins.


Emily Riewestahl is excited to serve the ReSocial community as a media producer because she is dedicated to decreasing the barriers to accessing research and building community between media researchers and media consumers. Emily is a doctoral student in the Newhouse School of Public Communication at Syracuse University where she studies how media is used to both perpetuate and resist systemic oppression.

What is ReSOCIAL?

Public REsearch. Innovation. Critical THinking.

ReSocial is a platform for scholars and researchers of all disciplines to showcase their work on a public platform through social media. Each of the submissions are peer-reviewed and submitters receive feedback in order to grow their project even further.